Happy canada day 2021 wishes

Happy Canada Day 2021 wishes:  Canada is a country located on the northern side of North America. This country is located on the shores of three oceans. Located on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Arctic Ocean. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area.

This country consists of ten parts and three regions. The highest power in Canada is in the hands of the head of state. Queen Elizabeth II, President of Canada.

In 1984, Canada was declared independent. On this day in July 867, Canada gained independence. So Canadians celebrate this day with joy.

English and French are the official languages ​​in Canada.

Canada’s economic situation is one of the ten developed countries in the world. The sea and the island have made this country more beautiful.

Today is July 1, 2021. Today is Canada Day. We Canadians celebrate this day with great respect. On this day we wish Canada Day to our friends parents and relatives. If you are a Canadian, be sure to say hello to your friends.

We also have a variety of statuses through our social media on the occasion of Canada Day. Status writing does not become time due to a busy schedule. Here are some Canada Day Images, Canada Day Poems, Canada Day Facebook Status, Canada Day WhatsApp Status, Canada Day Messages.

Happy Canada Day 2021 images

Happy canada day 2021 wishes

Happy canada day 2021 wishes

Happy canada day 2021 wishes

Happy canada day 2021 images

Happy canada day 2021 images

Happy canada day 2021 images


Happy canada day 2021 images

 Canada Day message 2021 

 “On this day our country gained independence. It is our responsibility to pay homage to all the martyrs. I wish you and your family all the best. Happy Canada Day 2021”


“Thank you very much, O Canada. You have gained freedom in exchange for many hardships. Happy Canada Day to your family. Happy Canada Day.”


 “Today is Canada Day. Loving the country, I wish you a happy Canada Day on this day.”


“We have gained this freedom in exchange for many sacrifices. We should all protect freedom. Happy Independence Day to you and your family.”


 “Freedom never comes by chance. Canada had to give a lot of blood to achieve today’s independence. So we should observe this day with respect. Happy Canada Day.”


“Happy Canada Independence Day to you today, Happy Canada Day”


 “Being born in such a country makes me feel proud. Thank you Canada. Happy Canada Day.”


“In exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs, I got that victory flag. If necessary, I will give blood again, to maintain the standard of victory. Blood in Moder’s body, donations of martyrs will not go in vain. Happy Canada Day 2021”

Happy Canada day 2021 top 5 Quotes

1 . 

How many poems will be written about the excitement of waiting 

Millions of insanely anxious rebellious listeners are sitting

From dawn to the beach of Janasamudra: ‘When will the poet come?


This children’s park was not there that day,

There was no garden that day,

This drowsy faded afternoon was not that day.

If so, how was that afternoon?


How was it then in the children’s park, on the bench, in the tree, in the flower garden

This is the heart of Dhaka covered field?


I know, all the memories of that day have been erased

Black hand 6 So today I see this aloof desert without a poet


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